Rarities in Mid-Ulster
© R.Irvine2019
Founded: November 1960
Cookstown Wildlife Trust
Round-leaved Wintergreen Known from only one spot around 10 miles from Cookstown-an old sand quarry. An elegant plant,one of my favourites.
Bee Orchid Occurs occasionally in Mid- Ulster,usually in old quarries. A beautiful plant which always gives the same thrill when found.
Irish Ladies Tresses-the first photo I took of this rare and iconic plant..and the best. Near Brookend
Water Lobelia is sometimes seen in autumn in the shallows of Lough Fea. It is usually found in cool lakes in N.W.Ireland. The plant has an ethereal beauty.
Cow-wheat with flowers of a striking yellow,is infrequent in damp woodland edges- but not a common plant
Pink Purslane turns up now and again. It was originally introduced to gardens a few centuries ago, but is sometimes found wild in shaded damp bare ground.
Bird’s Nest Orchid Found in old woodland in Mid-Ulster and perhaps more common than we think, as it often grows in deep shade and heavy undergrowth.
This striking Aster is found in a few spots around the edges of Lough Fea. The beautiful flowers are an attractive shade of lilac/lavender
The beautiful Marsh Helleborine growing near Stewartstown-one of only two sites in Mid-Ulster.
Greater Butterfly Orchid growing 12 miles s.w. of Cookstown.
Long-leaved Sun-dew has an important site on a bog N.W. of Lough Fea..
Bog Rosemary- an uncommon plant found in a few spots on Ballynahone Bog.