Cookstown Wildlife Trust
Founded: November 1960
Members pics
Dead Man's Fingers Out of season Wood Anemone.
Some pictures from Jackie Arrell.
Collared Earth Star. Eyelash Fungus. Collared Earth Star. Amethyst Deceiver. Crested Coral.
© R.Irvine2020
Yellow brain fungus-Tremella mesenterica
Pictures from Michael Mullan - a keen nature photographer.
More excellent pictures from Michael , Drum, Oct 2019
Thomas Campbell Thomas takes professional class bird pictures, I have taken photos all my life-but when I see Thomas’s bird pictures I want to learn to photograph birds. Yet, I know the patience and skill necessary to achieve this standard of bird photography is probably beyond me. Enjoy some of his beautiful bird photography.
Set 1.
Set 2.
Set 3