Cookstown Wildlife Trust
Founded: November 1960
Lissan House
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An Azalea of distinction growing in front of the house.
A bivalliate rath close to Lissan (Lios Áine, meaning "Aine's fort") (Is this where the name came from?)
Perwinkle growing wild along the river and a mile from the house.
Primroses are frequent throughout the Estate
Lissan river flowing through the heart of Lissan Estate gives it character.
Rejuvenating the wildflower lawn.
Two views of the beautiful bluebell woods at Lissan.
Large White butterfly.
A rare plant-Pink Purslane- growing on the back path at Lissan.
Hoverfly-Sericomyia silentis
Hoverfly-Arctophila superbiens
Yellow Rattle.
The Wildflower Lawn-Lissan
Bitter Vetch
Common Spotted Orchid
Foxes & Cubs
Meadow Brown on Common Spotted Orchid.
Tufted Vetch
Red Clover
Peacock in Wildflower garden.