Cookstown Wildlife Trust
Founded: November 1960
We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors , we borrow it from our children " Ancient American proverb The sites below should prove useful , interesting and helpful in extending knowledge and interest in wildlife . The list will be added to in time . - consider joining-they do an excellent job maintaining our reserves-all well worth visiting.   Butterfly Conservation  - click to add your sightings of Painted Lady butterflies and Humming Bird Hawk moths- A useful and interesting site Northern Ireland Fungus Group - excellent site - photos and distribution of all N.I. fungi Northern Ireland Coastal ASSI’s - Get to know our protected coastal sites. Nature Reserves of N.I. Ulster Museum - Habitas wildlife databases-worth delving into- gelogy, butterflies, beetles, flora, mammals etc-photos and distribution. Mammals - interesting and educational sites British Birds(RSPB) -they have a new bird identification section Irish Lichens  - a lovely site for lichen hunters.                Leaving Earth - expand your thinking Irish molluscs -all you want to know about slugs and snails.. Irish wildflowers, mosses and liverworts Peatlands- an excellent government site covering all aspects of wildlife in our peatland areas    Woodland Trust-excellent site for those with a keen interest in trees. Now includes a section on how to take action on threatened woodland. Belfast Field Naturalist's Club-the longest established natural history club in N.I. Rainbows -a wonderful site with many pictures of different kinds of rainbow, including a Moonbow- I saw one many years ago but no one would believe me! Non-native Species-a number of these have become invasive, because they like our environment , lack competition or have no dependant organisms. Interested? Have a look at these sites.   The Irish News has some excellent nature articles. I Spot An interesting site to test your skills. Useful site. Always interesting articles. Get your sightings recorded. Find our local wildlife species. Add your bumblebee records.
Ulster Wildlife Trust Ulster Wildlife Trust Butterfly conservation Butterfly conservation N.I. Fungus Group. N.I. Fungus Group. Ulster Museum Ulster Museum British Mammals British Mammals British Birds British Birds Irish Lichens Irish Lichens Leaving Earth Leaving Earth Irish molluscs Irish molluscs Irish Wildflowers,mosses & liverworts Irish Wildflowers,mosses & liverworts Peatlands Peatlands Woodland Trust Woodland Trust Belfast Naturalist’s F.C. Belfast Naturalist’s F.C. Non-native species Non-native species Invasive species Ireland Invasive species Ireland Introduced species U.K. Introduced species U.K. Rainbows Rainbows Irish News nature articles Irish News nature articles I Spot. I Spot. Moths of Ireland Moths of Ireland N.I. Coastal ASSI’s. N.I. Coastal ASSI’s. N.I. Nature Reserves. N.I. Nature Reserves. Irish Wildlife-records Irish Wildlife-records Send your records to Cedar Send your records to Cedar Find records for N.I.Species. Find records for N.I.Species. Bumblebee identification  & records.. Bumblebee identification  & records.. Biodiversity Ireland. Biodiversity Ireland.
Explore records of all species on the Island of Ireland. Where species are found in Ireland.
Ireland Biodiversity Maps. Ireland Biodiversity Maps.