Cookstown Wildlife Trust
Founded: November 1960
Lissan House
© R.Irvine2016
Common Blue female.
Surprising (to me anyhow) to find Lattice Heath here.
The beautiful markngs of Common Blue underwings.
Bee orchids have gained a foothold in this clay pit.
Bird’s Foot Trefoil.
View of the extensive grassland system..
Six-spot Burnet moth on Birds Foot Trefoil..
Common Blue male.
Purple Marsh Orchids are abundant in grassy areas.
Common Spotted Orchids with a pink blush.
Birds Foot Trefoil.
Meadow vetchling grows abundantly,and with Bird’s Foot Trefoil provides a foodplant for many species.
Common Centaury is a frequent plant in the site,flowers opening at end of June..
Six-spot Burnet moths doing what comes naturally
Burnet Moth on Clover.
Pyraustra purpurallis-a micro-moth and not common.
Common Green Grasshopper
Meadow Brown resting.
Rhizocarpon petraeum-a lichen growing on shaley stones.
Unfortunately now destroyed as a haven for nature. Much of big business cares little for the environment,other than what they can make out of it. Sad-as this place was special-the best candidate for a nature reserve in the area.