Cookstown Wildlife Trust
Founded: November 1960
Cabin Wood
© R.Irvine2016
The path at Cabin Wood-frosty morning.
From the viewing point.
A tortoiseshell in early spring.
Willow Warblers are heard on spring mornings.
Ringlet butterflies are often seen on thistles.
Snowdrops are naturalised by the river.
A Deceiver fungus in new woodland.
Amythst Deceiver-an early colonist of the new woodland.
Russian comfrey grows along the river in Cabin Wood.
Amber snails can be found on damp summer mornings.
Primroses and few flowered leek in harmony at the river’s edge.
Butterbur beside the river in April.
Few-flowered leek carpets the ground, in April ust like bluebells.
Kingfishers are found on this stretch of river.Sometimes seen (or heard) arrowing their way down river .