Cookstown Wildlife Trust
founded February 1950
Members pics Dead Man's Fingers Dead Man's Fingers Out of season Wood Anemone. Out of season Wood Anemone.
Common puffball -quite good to eat.
Photographed in mid October, a slime mould-name later
Some pictures from Jackie Arrell-a keen nature photographer,with a good eye.
Collared Earth Star. Collared Earth Star. Eyelash Fungus. Eyelash Fungus. Collared Earth Star. Collared Earth Star. Amethyst Deceiver. Amethyst Deceiver.
Photographed during autumn, in Springhill,Moneymore , an excellent site for fungi, the top 5 are recent additions..
Common Eyelash fungus (Scutellinia scutellata). Usually on rotting wood in damp places. Often missed.
Amethyst Deceiver(Laccaria amethystina) A beautiful pale purple colour when damp and fresh,but when dry purple colour is less obvious.)
Nice picture of Collared Earth Star.Fairly common,perhaps more so in recent years.
Crested Coral. Crested Coral.
Crested Coral-usually on soil in deciduous woodland.
Early Purple orchid-early spring Early Purple orchid-early spring
Unmistakeable Early Purple Orchid before flowering
Yellow brain fungus-Tremella mesenterica Yellow brain fungus-Tremella mesenterica Amethyst Deceiver. Amethyst Deceiver. Amethyst Deceiver. Amethyst Deceiver.
Yellow brain fungus- Tremella mesenterica, common in late autumn
Orange peel fungus-I think.
       A frog he would....
                      June 2013                               Longhorn beetle                                       Rhagium bifasciatum-lives in                                       decaying coniferous wood
                                     June 2013                                      Small Copper-at Lissan
Birds Nest Orchid-not quite out, Springhill.
Nice pic.-moss on dead tree stump.
Coprinus plicatilis-I think.
Golden Spindles, damp   unfertilized   in late autumn.
Yellow Club,similar conditions to Golden Spindles
Bryum capillare-a moss