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founded February 1950
Meeting with Rosie Irwin re. further development of Cabin Wood. 26th June 2017. Some members of committee met in mid-June at Cabin Wood to put together suggestions regarding improvements to Cabin Wood and subsequently Michael, Ernie, Jackie, Wilfie and Ronnie met with the charming Rosie from Woodland Trust on a rainy Monday evening in Cabin Wood. Rosie outlined the involvement, responsibilities and future work of ‘Woodland Trust’ in Cabin Wood, the group walked the paths, and along the top lane back to the car park. Many useful ideas on the future development of woodlands planted some years ago were discussed , including possible establishment of further woodland, problems with broken and removed signage, necessity of removal of stands of Giant hogweed and Japanese knotweed. The need for improved parking and renewed facilities for dog dirt removal were also mentioned. Our group agreed to give Woodland Trust as much help and support as we could.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Michael,Rosie,Ernie,Jackie and Wilfie